The advantages of the Exolution project are significant. The Red squares indicate work that has been completed.

1. The project acts not only as a catalyst project for the community, but Exhibition Park understands the value of other projects in the community and the mutually beneficial relationships between them.

2. Exhibition Park's robust financial plan, which will be completed in the Fall is currently underway.

3. The timing of the Exolution plan is ready now, the project would allow for construction workers to engage on a project now, with little else on the horizon currently.

4. Exolution drives positive Economic Impact for the Community

5. Exolution drives positive cash flows

6. The Exolution plan will enhance the neighbourhood making it more walkable and liveable

7. Exhibition Park knows that Lethbridge and Southern Alberta is already an agricultural destination

8. Exolution will further enhance the already strong job that Exhibition Park does to connect rural and urban Southern Alberta

9. Lethbridge and region has one of the strongest agricultural economies in North America. Exhibition Park continues to work at the forefront of that industry to allow people to connect in agricultural commerce

10. Lastly, leveraging the incredibly strong relationships of the Agricultural Institutions within the City of Lethbridge; including the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge College and the Research Station.