Photo: Looking from the NE towards Henderson Lake, Henderson Lake Golf Course in the distance.

Looking from SW (from the golf course) back towards the development you can see how our programming begins to engage with the facility. We’ve included machinery row in the south parking lot and the stage for StagEX on Festival Lawn, which could double as a outdoor movie venue or theatre/symphony in the park.

An overview of the site and how it relates to the existing structures, Parkside Drive, Heritage Lawn, Festival Lawn and North Parkside Drive.

This is the approach to the main entrance, where the main gate to the campground currently exists. You can see some of the design features of the building including the rammed earth wall with northern exposure, the magnitude of glazing and the foliage in the background is the existing tree line at Henderson Lake Park.

Through the main entrance, into the grand foyer. You can see the administration on the second floor, the gathering space and the grand stairwell to the Lakeview Salon with uninterrupted 270 degree views of Henderson Lake Park.

Looking south down the connection corridor with the trade halls on the left and the glazing connecting the building to Henderson Lake park on the right.

Looking Northwest to the south entrance from Heritage Lawn that will connect the south parking lot, to Heritage Hall, and Festival Lawn in behind this photo. You can also see the overhead clamshell doors that will allow for connection space from the inside vendors to the outside through Hall D of the Trade Centre.