Game Changer

Development of Exhibition Park is a game changer for Lethbridge &  Southern Alberta, bringing many new events and activities to the region.

  • The plan represents over 3 years of comprehensive work, including analysis of financial analysis, facilities condition audit, & studies to determine a preferred site for development. The plan also incorporates 15 years of market and needs assessment .
  • The spin-off economic benefits to service providers and related organizations including off-site visitor spending generated by conventions and other incremental activities at Exhibition Park is significant.
  • Job creation (full time equivalent or FTE) and economic benefits are significant before and after construction.



Additional Direct & Indirect Economic Benefit FTE Provincial & Federal Tax Revenue
During Construction
(over 3 yrs )
$70M 750 $21M
At Steady State
(over 10 yrs 2020-2030)
$30M 750 $10M



Inclusion in the City of Lethbridge’s Capital Improvement Program for 2017-2020 is the first vital step in this project moving forward.

To voice your support for this project and help it receive funding contact members of Lethbridge City Council:

Email: / phone: 403-329-7327