AGRICULTURE is the opportunity, it is not our past it is our future.

For over 122 years, Exhibition Park existed as the major Agriculture Society in Southern Alberta. Throughout, this time Lethbridge has significantly evolved. We’ve seen exponential growth and through all of this, the one thing that has remained, as the backbone of our economy is Agriculture.

We’re incredibly fortunate to live in a community that is driven on the backs of agricultural innovation. An investment was made that impacted all of us, that has allowed Lethbridge and Region to be some of the most fertile agricultural production land in North America.

The sheer volume of businesses that classify themselves as agri-food and the impact that local farms have on the economy are shattering numbers.



Agriculture continues to drive our local economy, but within agriculture change and innovation are occurring:
-new technologies are being invented right in our backyard
-new markets are presenting themselves to Southern Albertan exports
-new industries are springing up, such as the cannabis industry that is injecting huge economic impact into communities across the country
-Consumers are becoming significantly more conscious and aware of the primary production chain and where their food comes from

However, market challenges are emerging that are also impacting the primary production that is occurring in the region and as these changes and challenges emerge, Exhibition Park will adapt with them, because the traditional methods of doing things are not catering to the most important industry anymore. We must adapt our event properties to suit the needs of today’s agricultural sector and strengthen, and build our strategic partnerships.